Eddie izzard dating victoria hamilton

In fact, I don't really have friends." He doesn't have friends? It was a while before he lost his virginity (21, in fact) but he had found a gift for life."I went to bed," he confesses, "with two different women in two days by talking them into bed – and that seemed fun." Indeed. I feel obliged to ask the question semi-ironically, because Izzard is famously cagey about his private life.He was, he has said, on an endless quest for the love he lost.

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"Well," he says, with a smile that can only be described as rueful, "I don't walk in that glow. " No, I say, I don't think it's the same as romance. I'd have thought, I say, that he could be quite romantic.

It always tends to be whoever I'm in front of, unless they're saying it to me, I'm thinking 'you're the one that doesn't'. "I think I could be, but there's a fear, that I've fallen so hard for people that I couldn't get out.

Izzard, best known as an often inspired stand-up comedian, is modest about his acting abilities.

His joky three-line biography in the programme informs us that he has spent the past 15 years playing Trebonius in Julius Caesar at the Southend Playhouse.

It's not just the surreal ramblings, or the crazy juxtapositions (the raptor caught speeding by the police, the chicken with the trumpet on its head, the cow struggling not to throw up while chewing on food retrieved from its fourth stomach) or the musing on the process that sometimes leads down blind alleys which only a mimed burst of a bazooka can explode, it's the whole glorious combination. I've already, while reading press cuts, felt a peculiar stab of disappointment on discovering that he likes big-breasted women. In the dressing room (all done up with Moroccan lanterns and embroidered cushions to look like some Aladdin's cave) Izzard is being genial and offering drinks. "Billy Connolly talked about wanting to be windswept and interesting.

Most men who had just wowed a crowd of 13,000 might want to relax with their nearest and dearest, or at least their coterie, but Izzard is making small talk with a bunch of strangers. So is he, I ask, eyeing the bowl of muesli and yoghurt, as disciplined in every area of his life? If you see someone like some kid at school, who used to do this, or experiment with whatever substance, or were into punk, I thought that was interesting, and I didn't really want to break all the rules.

He will, he says, mentioning Hillary Clinton, have to "get his girlie look together". He is, I think, the most driven human being I have ever met.

"You've got to believe," he says in a new documentary about his life and work, made by Townsend. I'm a very political animal," he adds, "otherwise I wouldn't be a transvestite with a career." Eddie Izzard's 'Stripped' is touring the UK (see the DVD of the show is now available.

"It's a conversation in a pub," he says, "where no one gets a word in edgeways." Yes, maybe, but isn't it rather a big pub? "I called the American tour The Big Intimacy Tour because I've been trying to get this idea of 'big intimacy'. For all his talk of wanting to crack Hollywood (which he has), Izzard still seems fascinated by the workings of comedy, fascinated by the process of creating it and presenting it, right from the thought that turns into a gag to the size of the screens on the stage, and the quality of the T-shirts on sale afterwards. That," he adds matter of factly, "is why I think I'm boring. The chemistry teacher had, he says "a slow and steady delivery" and he found he could "chuck words in like basketball".

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