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It would always be very random, like a rabbit or a house, and it was fascinating because for me it was my mom and I communicating through art.

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To celebrate the launch, Va$htie was a perfect guest for us to have bless the occasion and bring her 1992 to Toronto for the first time.

The 1992 party in NY is a key gathering space for creatives to get together and jam in a non-pretentious setting.

I transitioned my role as Manifesto's Founding Executive Director to the Chair of its Board of Directors to be able to support its growth in new ways and re-focus some of my attention on my career as a photographer/video director/producer and making more art myself.

I've been gathering works I've done from the past 12 years and will be releasing a new portfolio site that will centralize and share my work as an artist, instigator and entrepreneur.

Va$htie has been keeping very busy on her many missions.

I was first introduced to Va$htie's work a few years ago as we were working on the curation of the 5th year anniversary of the Manifesto Festival in Toronto.A few years later she re-appeared on my radar after my wife, Mriga Kapadiya, ran into her at Capsule - a fashion tradeshow based in New York.Mriga was there promoting her line Nor Black Nor White in a booth right across from Va$htie, who was promoting VIOLETTE.Back in the day when my grandparents passed away, my dad and aunt were only about 9 and 10, and the British government came around our communities to collect names to file under their system.My dad gave the name "Kola" because that was the name of my grand father, so it eventually became our family name.Wan and I are really blessed to have partnered and be able to introduce her and her energy to Toronto. But I recently found it in the Bible - in the book of Esther, and it's mentioned as the name of a Queen - "Queen Vashtie" - who was meant to marry a King that was very power hungry.

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