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If you're meant to do it, you're meant to do it.

Regardless of what anyone says to you or about you – it's what you're supposed to do.' And I never forgot that.

That song is about me and my getting off drugs and being kind of controlled by them when I was very young.

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That person may have been dragged there by their boyfriend or girlfriend.

They don't necessarily want to be there – but they're there and they paid for their ticket and you've gotta respect that.

Until recently I didn't know that Candlebox's signature song "Far Behind" is about [Mother Love Bone singer] Andy Wood. Well Andy was somebody that I met when I was working at Fluevog shoe store with Susan Silver in Seattle.

She managed Soundgarden at the time – obviously an incredibly talented manager to have the ears that she had to find those bands.

We're not perfect, we're an imperfect species; and frustration finds its way in from outside all the time and you've gotta be cautious.

I understand [Disturbed frontman] Dave Draiman's frustration.When someone's in the audience taking a selfie with a band playing behind them I find that to be a little silly.Everyone knows you're at the concert and you're not taking a picture next to Jon Bon Jovi or something. A lot of people in society right now have a sense of entitlement that they're one up on somebody else with something – whether it be opinions or photos with famous people that they happen to be near.I think we've all been so desensitized with our audio being MP3s and getting used to watching a concert on a computer that it's become the norm. But we live in a society that's glued to their smartphones.You've just gotta roll with it and allow it to be what it is.The sad thing about it is you're missing everything that's going on around you by being so self-absorbed.

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