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Here, we integrate 1.2-year-resolution x-ray fluorescence (XRF) scanner-derived carbonate accumulation estimates with 6-year-resolution biomarker and magnetic records in a well-preserved shoreline core from Lake Manas, northwestern China, to reconstruct lake level fluctuations and potential solar imprints over the last millennium.

Besides the generally confirmed cool-wet/warm-dry climate pattern in ACA, our data also consistently show frequent and substantial lake level fluctuations, resembling solar activity changes, especially during the ‘Little Ice Age’.

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RECENT lake sediments can be dated using 210Pb and fall-out 137Cs. 1, and Robbins and Edgington2 have set out the assumptions used in calculating dates and estimating accumulation rates from the declining concentration of unsupported 210Pb in the near-surface sediments of Blelham Tarn and Lake Michigan respectively.

In both cases, as in other papers3,4, an essential assumption is a constant initial concentration (c.i.c.) of unsupported 210Pb per unit dry weight in the sediment at each depth, whether or not any variations may have occurred in the rate of accumulation.

The increases cannot, therefore, be the result of the anomalously low surface concentrations noted elsewhere4.

Associated biological, chemical and geophysical studies show that the profiles have not been significantly disturbed by physical or biological mixing. deposition model and are regarded as evidence for the dilution of unsupported 210Pb by accelerated sediment accumulation.ABSTRACT: This paper presents a paleoflood study to determine the flood frequency of the Changjiang River, based on core cj0702, taken from the Changjiang River subaqueous delta.We identified flood deposits by means of high-resolution grain-size variation, sensitive population, geochemical indexes and magnetic susceptibility.In the case of the ‘kinked’ profiles, dates are not calculable using the c.i.c. We have adopted an alternative approach to calculating 210Pb dates using as our main assumption a constant rate of supply (c.r.s.) of unsupported 210Pb to the sediment per unit time and deriving dates from the integrated activity of the radionuclide.Previous authors have referred to the possibility of calculating dates using this assumption5,6 but have not given a full account of the method or evaluated the results of its application.This assumption requires that in undisturbed cores, unsupported 210Pb concentrations should always decline monotonically with depth.

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