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While red still remains the overwhelming favourite and go-to colour (just as white is among candles), we supply a wide variety of coloured flannel bags for those who wish to fine-tune the symbolism of their mojo hands.

A drawer or box beneath the altar surface is convenient to use as storage space for supplies.

Among the ritual tools and supplies that most spiritual workers like to have on hand are writing supplies for petitions; candle holders, candle snuffers, and specialty wooden matches for use in candle magick; cloth bags for the making of mojo hands or to hold herbs for brewing as teas or baths, and altar cloths appropriate to the type of work being done.

For complete discretion, tape the name-paper and items inside and then fit a circle or square of green felt to the bottom of the candle with contact cement. A more graceful way to put out candles than by spitting on your fingers and pinching, is to snuff the candles out with an old-fashioned candle snuffer.

No one will know there is anything inside, but the candle stand will be "fixed" for the trick you are doing. 2" - 5" tall, assorted styles Solid brass candle stands which we rescue from flea markets and thrift stores, restore, polish, and send forth to cost-conscious shoppers. Sizes of sockets vary; some fit our 4" altar candles, some fit our 6"offertory candles, and some fit our 9" Jumbo and Reversing candles. This eliminates objectionable smoke from the snuffed candle.

Nepalese "pot-style" incense burner with copper base, brass fittings, and copper and brass top with Buddhist symbols on the sides; stands on three brass legs or hangs from silver-tone chains; intricate and fine hand-work; a lovely piece of artisanry. Body is 5 1/2" high by 4 1/2" diameter; 11" to top of hanging chain.

For those who work with traditional magical ingredients such as herbs, roots, and seeds a mortar and pestle set is a necessity when making up powders, incense compounds, or bath crystals.

Fancy and decorative bags including brocade-woven, hand and machine-embroidered, and hand-beaded bags have a long history of use throughout the world.

Favourite regional, tribal, and cultural styles may indicate a point of origin, but in today's worldwide market, styles that once were found only in one limited area may have become popular and been produced in other parts of the world.

This is especially true of offertory candles and small altar candles which are easily tipped over if they are not put into a holder of some kind.

Candle stands with hollow bases have the additional benefit of providing a hiding place for the names and personal concerns of the one for who the work is being done. When a candle is burned in sections, it is invariably pinched out, not blown out at the end of each session, to signify that the spell is not yet complete.

However, beginning many hundreds of years ago, the art of dyeing leather in various colours was perfected in Europe and the Middle East.

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