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Abstract designs were popular, and pop art designs also crept in along with some psychedelic creations. Glazed with a smooth lava like glaze with an abstract design.

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SICIS is a factory of artists, mosaic innovators, interior designers and glass makers who research, create, interpret and revitalize.

They cater for a diverse range of clients producing monumental murals, bathroom and living space wall panels, mosaic sculptures, mosaic floors/rugs, mosaic jewellry and furnishings.

The Atomic-era and Jet-age led to many abstract and innovative designs where streamlined contours were fused with angular geometric shapes.

They encapsulate a time capsule of this amazing era and they reflect all it stood for.

Lava comes from explosions, so its widespread use could have possibly evolved from this subconcious fear.

The same can be said for the volcanic glazes, which were reninforced with red, orange and black firey colours.The city of Ravenna is filled with exquisite works that adorn the monuments, historic buildings and interiors of Ravenna’s churches, dating back over 1500 years.The mosaic medium made a considerable addition to the arts that reflect the might of Christian rule within the Roman empire.Flamboyant, exuberant and fearless in the implementation of ideas has been an enduring feature of Italian design, especially since the post war modernist resurgence.Sicis is continuing this adventurous tradition, offering modern mosaic concepts that capture a contemporary realm of design, taking the rich, classical Italian mosaic art of the past to new captivating levels.Some fantastic style innovations were born of this era.

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