Dating to relating

The most reliable story devices tend to revolve around relationships.

More specifically, around whether or not someone will or will not bump uglies with someone else.

The coupling stories that succeed seem to do so because they're flawed.

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Dating to relating

"NCIS" is another example of a show that has done this with a degree of success.

The relationship, or lack of one, between Tony and Ziva has been a plotline that has simmered under the surface for years now.

In a story based in reality Shawn and Juliet and Seely and Brennan would have ended up pawing at each other in a broom closet much sooner.

You can only eye bang someone so much before belts start to feel constricting and wearing pants seems like a poor decision.

While the relationship is only being danced around or alluded to our pace begins to quicken and our imagination begins to paint a picture of perfection that we just know will come to pass, if only Booth can nut up and tell Temperance how he feels and she quits being so intellectual with her sciency-wiency stuff and just trusts her heart and learns logic and love can't always be reconciled and maybe Booth stops leaving to get his war on.

In the end, reality casts all in a harsh and unforgiving light.

Some people might like riding a roller coaster to the top of the hill and stopping, but most enjoy screaming down the other side.

By the time that the couples stopped circling each other and settled down together, the writers had forgotten how to snare the audience with emotional drama separate from the relationships that they'd made all important for the previous four or five seasons.

I think the answer for why so many are unsuccessful is probably the same reason why strip clubs can continue to turn a profit. The anticipation, the build up, the knowledge of what is likely about to be revealed or consummated often causes our blood pressure to rise more dramatically than the moment where we finally get what we want.

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