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Sofia's mother is Diana Alexander, Richie's second wife. Bay Sleep Clinic And Related Entities Agree To Pay The United States .6 Million To Settle False Claims Act Allegations SAN JOSE - Bay Sleep Clinic, its related businesses- Qualium Corporation and Amerimed Corporation-and their owners and operators, Anooshiravan Mostowfipour and Tara Nader (collectively, the Defendants) have agreed to pay .6 million to settle allegations that they fraudulently billed the Medicare program, announced United States Attorney Brian J. The settlement resolves allegations that the Defendants fraudulently charged the Medicare program for diagnostic sleep tests and medical devices in violation of Medicare payment rules. Employee of Medical Equipment Provider Pleads Guilty To Health Care Fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft and Defrauding the IRS Baltimore, Maryland - Elma Myles, age 52, of Baltimore pleaded guilty to health care fraud in connection with schemes to defraud Medicaid and other health benefit programs; aggravated identity theft; and conspiracy to defraud the IRS by not reporting income from the health care fraud scheme. Medical Imaging Provider Charged with Federal Health Care Fraud TOPEKA, KAN. Administrator of Miami-Area Home Health Agency Convicted of Conspiracy to Commit .5 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme The administrator of a Miami-area home health agency was convicted today for his role in a .5 million Medicare fraud scheme.A source told us on May 26 that Swift was "with" Harris as he continued to recover from his injuries. In one of the London snaps, he included the caption "f--k this" on a May 30 Snap post, at least seemingly referring to his bruised face and/or the fact that he had to miss some shows. News on May 30 that he was in "constant contact" with Swift and that her mom had checked in with Harris via phone as well.

Swift, meanwhile, spent time at her house last night with her longtime best friend Abigail, going by Abigail's Snapchat—also a hindsight-is-20/20 indicator that something was amiss, considering her boyfriend (who had been injured in a car accident) had just gotten back into town.

Who knew the 'Hello' hitmaker would become entangled in the strange celebrity gossip web Justin Bieber weaves?

Iowa Dental Clinic and Its Owners Agree to Pay More Than $300,000 To Resolve Allegations the Clinic Submitted Claims for Unnecessary Procedures or Procedures that Did Not Happen Lifepoint Dental Group, LLC, and its owners, Aaron Blass, Angelina Blass, D. Farid Fata for patient referrals to its hospice care services, announced U. Pain Management Physician Resolves False Claims Act Allegations ATLANTA - The U. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Georgia announced that pain management physician Dr.

Anthony Clavo has agreed to the entry of a consent judgment for $430,000 plus interest to resolve allegations that he violated the False Claims Act by billing Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE for medically unnecessary services.

The reasons why any relationship doesn't last can range from the eerily simple to the tiresomely complex, the precariousness of a connection only heightened when celebrities are involved.

And when Swift is involved…Consider the fragility factor compounded exponentially.

Swift's approach to friendship and family, her affinity for her cats, her devotion to her fans and her extremely relatable music that's always there for us may make her our favorite person, but—catch 22 alert—the amount of attention that comes with being the world's sweetheart may make her difficult to date.

The 26-year-old superstar has nothing to apologize for, her success story being a fairytale no matter whether a prince is involved or not, but it's obviously going to take a guy who is spot-on in the self-confidence, success and flexibility department to roll with Swift for the long haul.

The federal government's portion of the consent judgment is 2,407, and the State of Georgia's portion is 7,593.

Clean Slate Addiction Treatment Centers Settle Allegations of Unlicensed Prescribing and Improper Billing BOSTON - The U. Attorney's Office reached a 0,000 civil settlement yesterday with Clean Slate Centers, Inc.

(And we won't include the most cynical hypothesis, which is that For their one-year anniversary they took a most romantic-looking vacation in mid-March (photographic evidence of which is still, at the moment on Taylor's Instagram, a kissing shot attracting 2.4 million likes) and were the picture of a lovefest (multiple pictures, actually) at the i Heart Radio Music Awards on April 4.

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