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Russia has condemned both reports of new sanctions forthcoming as "provocation directed by the White House." Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters: "To be honest, we are tired of lie about the ' Russian hackers,' which is (nothing but FAKE NEWS propaganda being) poured down in the United States from the very top." The Obama administration and U. intelligence agencies have accused Russia of getting involved in the election in an effort to help Donald Trump win. Read whole post Meanwhile Sete Meyers, snowlfake sheeple, and the ingnorant LIKE THE HOAX LIE psyop of climate change so mush, they want to cling to it.

BTW he hoax was not initiated in China, it was initiated in LONDON at the council of 33 Rothschild Cartel and thru CFR/Birderberg/Trilateral fronts. OTHER TRANSITION NEWS - Trump considering privatizing some veterans care, but no formal plan yet Meanwhile the Zionist shills in America still use Zionist controlled mass media to preach their Zionist lies IN FACT not only Bibi but the essential government of Israel per se (especially Mossad), is an evil pack of international criminals....

Many well-known "alternative" news brands - are what's called "limited hangout" deceptions....

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"I think we ought to get on with our lives," Trump told reporters outside Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach, Florida estate.

Editor's note - Its just slightly ODD Obama wants to punish Russia for something it did NOT do, and wants to bypass punishment of Hillary Clinton for many evil things she DID do. But REAL STORY OF WHO OBAMA IS -- right here: https://com/news/372086-russia-turkey-syria-ceasefire-plan/ (from USA-Today - edited for clarity and accuracy)- The Obama administration is preparing to initiate UNPROVED ACTS OF WAR upon the Russian government and may initiate such action very soon, WH officials said Wednesday.13.)--- The USA west coast drought is not a fluke of Mother Nature, it is geoengineered and sustained by the government for a political agenda.All of these above statements are well-proven facts.Obama is hysterically promoting the fake new Russia Hacking fiction as a faux excuse to lay on new sanctions.Conversely Trump has said he wants to improve relations with Russia.The engagement is a "surprise" as the two "have kept their love private," according to People . TV Host Invents Incredibly Stupid New Gay Stereotype A TV host is getting flak after inventing a newand incredibly stupidgay stereotype. 23 episode of Amazon's The Grand Tour , co-host Richard Hammond said there's just something gay about a "grown man eating an ice cream," the BBC reports. Russian Hackers Hit Vermont Utility First, the presidential election. Trump Taunts Enemies in New Year Message Donald Trump has decided to finish off his momentous 2016 by taunting his enemies. More Russian Hackers Hit Vermont Utility First, the presidential election.

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