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Your gestational age, or how far along you are, can help determine how your doctor is able to take care of you if you begin to have signs of miscarriage.

Your doctor will inform you if an inaccurate date will affect your care or the care for your baby after delivery.

It can be hard to understand how the “months” of pregnancy fit with the calendar.

Gestational age is the medical term for how many weeks and days of a pregnancy have passed.

It has a major impact on a fetus’s likelihood to survive a preterm birth.

Your state law may vary, but most states recognize 20 weeks as the point at which a funeral home must be involved in a burial or cremation.

Local law may also affect whether you are able to have a therapeutic termination if indicated.The further along in pregnancy you are, the less accurate an ultrasound is at estimating your baby’s age.So if you did not know you were pregnant until later or have very irregular periods, your due date will be slightly less reliable.A working knowledge of the key terms used in pregnancy dating is helpful in the treatment of miscarriages and other pregnancy losses.A due date, for example, is the estimated date of delivery (EDD, or sometimes EDC) or the date when a pregnancy reaches exactly 40 weeks from the last menstrual period.This is simple to accomplish by writing 40 on your due date and counting backwards on the same day of the week.

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