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The past few hundred years have seen large fluctuations in atmospheric 14C concentration.

We codify previously published means of calculating exposure ages and erosion rates from 10Be and 26Al concentrations in rock surfaces, and present a single complete and straightforward method that...

Reply to: Climate effects of the 74 ka Toba super-eruption: Multiple interpretive errors in ‘A high-precision 40Ar/39Ar age for the Young Toba Tuff and dating of ultra-distal tephra’ by Michael Haslam We would like to thank Michael Haslam (Haslam et al., 2013) for his interest in our recent contribution on the dating of the Young Toba Tuff/Tephra (YTT) (Mark et al., 2013).

All Quaternary dating methods involve the measurement of one or more variables to estimate the age of a sample.

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In part, these have been the result of natural factors, including the climatic changes of the Little Ice Age,...

A variety of mathematical expressions that describe changes over time (t) in the extent of amino acid racemisation (AAR, expressed as the ratio of d- to l-amino acid isomers or epimers) have been used...

The east monument sign stands alone while the west monument sign is mounted on a cement wall.

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