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There are many kissing games but two are the most well known. A group of players sits in a circle, alternating boy and girl. The game is better with large groups of eight or more.

Each player takes turns spinning the bottle, which is placed in the middle of the circle.

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A report of the American Psychological Association claimed that research demonstrates a correlation between viewing and aggressive behavior.

Here are the best and the most exciting free kissing games ever.

You are free to create the perfect scene of your dreams, enjoy the most romantic moment with your love and avoid being seen by the people around!

Kissing games for girls are romantic, fun, and challenging!

Senseless violence that is not going to contribute anything.

The next person to spin is either the person whom the bottle pointed toward or the person sitting next to the spinner.

If you prefer to have your destiny determined by another person, you can play a variant of spin the bottle.

Whomever the bottle points at when it stops spinning is the person the spinner kisses.

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