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Winstead said that the training was "pretty cool" and "like being in some sort of kung fu camp." Wallace Wells is Scott's "cool gay roommate".He is 25 years old and first met Scott in college, the circumstances in which they met are unknown - a flashback shows that both were drunk and headed to Wallace's.

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Scott Pilgrim was ranked as the 85th greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine.

IGN ranked Scott Pilgrim the 69th greatest comic book hero of all time, stating that they love Scott not just because he is a tried-and-true nerd who battles villains in epic fashion, but because he went through a dramatic character arc over the course of his series.

Wallace serves as Scott's mentor during his trials, assisting Scott with training for his fights against Ramona's exes and gathering intel on them.

He may have trained Scott in his fighting style, as Scott calls him a terrible master.

He dates and later moves in with his "psychic" boyfriend, Mobile.

The character was inspired by O'Malley's former roommate Christopher Butcher, the co-founder of Pop Image and Previews Review.

Despite his limited intelligence and poor memory capacity, Scott is often able to defeat his opponents through cunning rather than brute strength: in volume 2, he manages to goad Lucas Lee into performing a dangerous skateboarding trick and in the film adaptation, he successfully tricks Todd Ingram into consuming dairy products despite Todd's psychic powers.

Scott is a surprisingly skilled fighter in unarmed combat and sword fighting.

Her head glows periodically, usually when she is upset or jealous even or heartbroken (this is revealed to be the work of Gideon who has zapped Ramona with 'the glow' a psychological weapon that locks the target in their own head with nothing but their emotional baggage), though she herself is unaware of this until Kim Pine brings attention to it in volume 5. But things about her family-she's kind of a tragic figure in a way.

When asked if Ramona is supposed to be fat or plump, O'Malley responded by stating that "since it is a comic book and I draw everyone kinda cartoony and rounded, I figure it’s up to the reader to decide. She's been through a lot, and that's why she's so guarded and mysterious." Winstead has since revealed at least one of the secrets, one that she considered very insightful for her character: Ramona’s younger brother died when she was younger and she wears one of his shoelaces around her neck in memory of him.

The character's name was inspired by the song "Scott Pilgrim" from Plumtree's 1998 album Predicts the Future.

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