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night for your date night at home, it makes it stand out from your regular, normal evenings together.Formally invite your spouse out for that night, even though you won’t be leaving your home.” and encourages more quality time with the one you love!

Hosted by Rocsi Diaz, this season once again features two main daters, David and Natalie, as they search for love on a tropical island paradise.

Shot on location in Bora Bora, each week two new men and women will strip down for a shot at igniting a spark with our primary daters.

I hope your year of dates gift will keep your flame burning bright!

Be sure to Follow my Marriage Board on Pinterest for marriage advice and my Marriage: Date Night Ideas board too! I hope you found posts that are honest, practical, and helpful to your soul, home, health, children, and spouse.

And as Hubby thumbed through those pages, he found the potential for romance, intimacy, laughter, and — most importantly — time together.

Using ideas I found for ) Regardless of cost, the point of this gift was to carve out time for Hubby and I to be together.

I suggest planning twenty-four dates, twelve date nights at home, and twelve date nights out, one of each for every month of the year.

Planning out dates eliminates the ever annoying question of “What do you want to do?

Below you’ll find some great date night idea suggestions.

If you need more, be sure to check out all the great ideas on my Marriage: Date Night Ideas board on Pinterest.

Anticipation will increase the romance as you look forward to a special night together.

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