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Qualifications: Honours Degree in Psychology, University of Liverpool; Cert Ed Hons; Dip NLP; MNLP; qualified Trainer and Teacher-Trainer of Co-counselling; co-founder of the Brussels Co-counselling Community.The science of dating and matchmaking provides many fascinating illustrations and examples for the study and development of communications, personality, relationships and behaviour.Richards, funding agency: Leverhulme Trust, role: named researcher, 2005 - 2008.

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The study, conducted on Sunday 9th April 2006 by Professor Richard Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire) at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, involved 100 members of the public taking part in five-hundred 'speed dates'.

During the event, participants rated the attractiveness of their dates and indicated whether they would like to meet that person again.

Pike (University of Bristol), funding agency: NERC, role: research partner, 2008 - 2010.

'Application of the (LA) ICPMS technology to reconstruct and compare the climate of five past interglacials recorded in a precisely dated stalagmite from western Germany'.

'MC-ICPMS U-Th isotope measurements for precise speleothem chronologies in Quaternary climate research' EGU General Assembly 2011, Vienna, April 3 - 8, 2011.

'Radiocarbon Calibration and Stalagmites' Seminar Aktuelle Themen aus der Beschleunigermassenspektrometrie und deren Anwendungen, Institute of Ion Beam Physics, ETH Zürich, .

'U-series chronology of MIS 3 speleothems from Spain and Portugal - dating the late survival of the Middle Paleolithic and Neanderthals in the Iberian Peninsula'.

French Academy of Sciences Gentil-Bourcart 2010 award for K. 'Dating Palaeolithic Cave art in Iberia by Uranium Series', PI: A.

'U-Th analyses of carbonate rich varved lake sediments - potential for dating' Workshop on Allogenic Contributions in U-Series Dating, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, 20. 'Procedures for U and Th isotope measurements using MC-ICPMS for applications in geochronology and isotope geochemistry' ESARDA Working Group on Techniques and Standards for Destructive Analysis, Workshop on Measurements of minor isotopes in uranium, IRMM, Geel, Belgium, 10 - 11 April 2008.

'Hochaufgelöste Spurenelementmessungen und U-Th Datierung an Stalagmiten mittels Laser Ablation-(MC)-ICPMS' Institute for Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 16.

Other past projects have included advising the Enduring Love?

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