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So I suppose when I’m writing I’m thinking as an actor, I try to write every character as if it was a part I’d like to play myself.So hopefully every actor can be passionate about every part.I came off stage knowing that I gave my all so I was happy with my performance. When I look at the various awards in my home, that has a special place in my heart, added to the fact that it’s a beautifully designed piece. Brilliantly thankfully and thank you for the kind words!

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In terms of which I prefer - It sort of depends which I’m doing.

As an actor you can’t beat two actors in the moment on stage.

Then I think being a good actor and being a good therapist comes down to the same thing - listening and picking up subtleties. I teach meditation and mindfulness classes as well.

So living life as a Buddhist helps with being a psychotherapist, and being a psychotherapist helps with being an actor and writer.

The first thing I ever wrote was Just Ask Me, the short film on which Trinity is based.

I wrote it so myself and a friend would have something to do together.No acting, just “being”, real emotions, a completely organic experience, “in the moment” as the cliché goes.However while writing it’s wonderful to give life to characters I’ve just plucked out of my head. Throw on some classical music and hit the keys on the laptop. I try to write dialogue as real as possible and let a natural conversation between the imaginary characters develop.I’m inspired by the likes of Ben Affleck & Matt Damon, writing parts that they wanted to do.They did Good Will Hunting like that when they were still struggling for parts.‘People-based travel’ Clarke said that over the next few months, the company would also be trying to breath more life into its concept of “people-based travel” – finding the right ways to connect hosts with the most suitable guests and vice versa.

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