Damien fahey dating

James Franco- the pair was seen together at several clubs and many claimed they were hot and heavy.

Talan Torriero- Lindsay only dated Talan for a few weeks.

Justin Timberlake- this is a rumored hook up that was never confirmed.

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This pair dated on and off from 2004 to 2006 and have been rumored to be back together all the way up to 2010.

Though Wilmer dumped Lindsay before the drama with her alcohol and substance abuse, he was there for her when times got hard.

The pair never became serious and many people do not even realize that they dated at all. The somewhat older man was good for Lindsay for a time before she started partying, the two met in a club coincidentally. After Brett came Jamie Burke whom Lindsay dated for a few months, also in 2006.

Her next beau was Brandon Davis, the main man that people blame Lindsay’s troubled downfall on.

The pair met at an awards show and hit it off starting one of the most tumultuous relationships that Hollywood has ever seen.

During one of her down times with Wilmer, Lindsay dated Harry Judd for a brief moment in 2005.

Evan Peters- the pair reportedly went on a couple of dates but were never serious.

Garrett Hedlund- Lindsay only dated Garrett for a couple of days before throwing him over.

Colin Farrell- this pair only lasted for a week or so with Lindsay and Colin only making brief public appearances.

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