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Be true to yourself." The greatest good that I hope to achieve is to give others a wide latitude to express themselves too.

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You move on to the next person if the first person doesn't work out.

It is possible to cancel a purchase made online without charge and within short elapsed time periods if the merchant has not respected certain commitments.

First, you should review the merchant’s exchange and refund policy to see whether it applies to your situation.

If it does not, you may still be able to cancel your purchase if you respect set conditions and time limits.

He thought I was rude, though I only wanted to get to know the locals. I was silent on our car ride, and he criticized me about this.

I told him I played Run-DMC on the radio when I was a disc jockey; he saw them in concert in the 1980s. I had the five cheese platter with flatbread and fruit chutney. I peppered him with questions about the people who lived there.I realized I first had to be in tune with myself before I could make music with someone else.A greeting card I bought has a fortune cookie with this fortune coming out of it: "Who cares what everyone else thinks. We went to Johnny Rockets for hamburgers and I flashed him a chemical smile, wanting to anywhere but there. Then I got the call: "This isn't working out." I turned 47 in April.I recommend a midlife companion because women get bolder as we get older—it's a scientifically-proven biological thing.I met Oliver through a networking service for people with mental illnesses.

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