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He was one of the top five male vote getters and advanced into the Top 13. Dixon's sister, Schyler, was also on the tour for some dates.

He released the original song he performed on the Idol tour, "Never Gone," on i Tunes September 25, 2012 which is included on his debut album. The lead single, "More of You," was released to i Tunes on June 24, 2014.

"She did break up with her boyfriend," the friend says.

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“Excuse me while I punch him out,” Laine countered. Hollie Cavanagh, who is actually Laine’s roommate for the show, teased, “Colton and Skylar are dating.” But then she quickly came clean, clarifying, “Just kidding.

Colton and Skylar are not dating.” “They’re just married,” offers Ledet. In reality, we know the two aren’t dating, but it is pretty funny to see how they handle all the rumors and questions, and we love that they’re not uptight about it.

In the semi-finals she performed "Stay with Me" by Faces.

She was one of the top five female vote getters and advanced to the top 13.

They hit a rough patch, however, after rumors flew that Skylar, 18, had begun dating fellow contestant Colton Dixon, who was eliminated on April 19. " Joseph, 20, wasn't happy about the romance rumors, though.

And now that he's out of the picture, "that opens the door for Skylar and Colton to get together on tour! She was wearing a camouflage shirt and jeans with a pair of cowboy boots. Suddenly, he remembered camo-country girl's actual name. ' Too pretty of a name for a girl that liked to hunt and go mudding,' Colton thought. To get the anxiety off himself, Colton decided to explore the hotel a bit. Colton had sat in the back, behind a pretty, country girl, who, by the look of her, had not adapted to the change either. Everyone else with all their new clothes and jewelry. Schyler, Colton's sister, sat at the front of the bus with some girl that he didn't know. But it's not like they would be dating or anything. ' Okay, Colton let's live in the moment here.' He thought. I'm dreaming.' He had just gotten off the bus that had driven the contestants to this hotel. They wanted to show the judges their originality, but when it came down to it, the camo-country girl stood out the most. He was also kind of country and reminded Colton of last year's winner Scotty Mc Creery. Maybe he could get Phillip and Skylar tonight for picking groups. Please leave a comment or I will be like this all week. On his final judgement performance, Dixon performed Coldplay's "Fix You" and dedicated it to his sister, Schyler.'s 80s-themed performance round Wednesday got a glimpse of Top 8 singers Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon's undeniable chemistry when the pair came together for a duet of "Islands in the Stream," but fans need not read too much into their close bond.

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