Cnbc internet dating

“We create matches with a meaning,” says Jordan Silva Mishkin, the company’s director of business development.

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Vampire lovers can sink their teeth into the profiles on offer at Vampire Passions, while those obsessed with i Pads and i Phones can hunt for their i Beloveds at Cupidtino, a dating site for fans of Apple's products.

The rise of these and other dating sites has been driven by several trends in society.

An embedded directory of sports venues in the area helps event planners find a location.

The event searching and planning features of the app will expand to the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago later this summer.

The app is free to use, and Sportsbuddy intends to keep it that way.

The company has raised a 0,000 seed round so far and plans to seek more.

(Consider: Farmers Only is a thing.)Once you create a profile on the Sportsbuddy app, you pick the sport that you want to play and the “smart matching” technology will suggest potential partners for you to play with who are nearby and at your skill level.

You also specify the gender, age and geolocation radius you want to search in.

FOR the lovelorn, the new year can be an unhappy time, as they cast envious glances in the direction of lovey-dovey couples at the season's parties.

For online-dating agencies, it is a golden opportunity, as people who have spent the holidays ruminating over unsatisfactory or non-existent love lives log on in their thousands, hoping to find romance—ideally before February 14th.

The spread of fast broadband connectivity in many countries has also encouraged people to dabble in online dating.

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