Christian dating in ethiopia

The word "Candace" may also refer to the position of "queen" rather than to a specific person.

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Next in size are the various Protestant congregations, who include 13.7 million Ethiopians.

The largest Protestant group is the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, with about 5 million members.

Matthew later preached the Christian Gospel to modern-day Ethiopia after having preached in Judea.

Rufinus of Tyre, a noted church historian, recorded a personal account as did other church historians such as Socrates and Sozemius.

After recommending that a bishop be sent to proselytize, a council decided that Frumentius be appointed as a bishop for Ethiopia.

By 331 AD, Frumentius returned to Ethiopia, he was welcomed with open arms by the rulers who were at the time not Christian.

By the beginning of the sixth century, there were Christian Churches throughout northern Ethiopia.

King Kaleb, of the Aksumite Kingdom, led crusades against Christian persecutors in southern Arabia, where Judaism was experiencing a resurgence that led to persecution of Christians.

The Garima Gospels are thought to be the world's oldest illuminated Christian manuscripts.

After being shipwrecked and captured at an early age, Frumentius was carried to Aksum, where he was treated well with his companion Edesius.

These translations were vital to the spread of Christianity, no longer a religion for the small percentage of Ethiopians who could read Greek, throughout Ethiopia.

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