Carbon dating book of abraham

If Joseph Smith was speaking about the same “Desolation” mentioned in The Book of Mormon, this would place Zarahemla, Bountiful, Manti, and most other Book of Mormon cities south of this area (this would be about where Valley City, Illinois now is), and would place The Book of Mormon to far south for a Great Lakes geography.

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Anciently, it was common to employ this imagery to depict different gods.

Very pertinent to our facsimile is the ancient Egyptian tradition of depicting the savior-god Horus as a hawk.

Surely a prophet of such prominence would have received some notice had he been known to the historians of the Book of Mormon. Naturally, both Mormon and Moroni were too far removed from Onandagus and Zelph to report them.” 8 This would seem to make more sense.

The answer is very obvious:—Because the Book of Mormon historians who were down in Central America, knew nothing at all of either the Prophet Onandagus or [of] the Chieftain Zelph. The Book of Mormon speaks about several migrations to the North.

God answers Abraham and sends to him the Angel of his Presence.

In the text, this angel is called Iaoel/Jaoel or “Yahoel”– which was likely meant to be a variation of “Yahweh-El.” The angel is called Iaoel “of the same name” (10:3), probably meaning that his name was understood to be the same as God’s (Yahweh).

He is described as having a turban, purple robes, and golden staff, which recall a royal/high priestly figure.

So far, this seems like a pretty standard (albeit notably anthropomorphic) description of Yahweh/the Angel of Yahweh.

This private letter from Joseph Smith is the closest we have of Joseph Smith recording the event.

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