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If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. Im not a hoe ive only been with 4 people and im 21 but yea I slept with him and don't really know him all that well. some time very much aloof..again someday he is back with all his emotions...He was kind of a (help me forget about my 6 year relationship I just got out of) guy , that ended up spinning my head!!! I just wonder does all the Capricorn guy have the same characteristic !!!! We only been talking for a couple of weeks but I am sooo liking this guy.

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I do love him but I don't understand what's going on with him. I do not deserve you talking to all these girls as if you are dating them also.

We are still together and talking about marriage BUT once you do a Virgo wrong she never forgets and it's hard to get over it Capricorn men will stop talking to a woman for awhile, but when they start talking to you say two months later, nothing has changed, they still feel the same way.

He also told me he was scared to get fucked over by me because I broke up with my ex for him and he's scared I'll do the same for him. But then when people asked him if he liked me he said no lol. so how does a Virgo woman go about playing her cards right? We were inseparable from the very beginning and moved in together after only 2 weeks.

And it only seems like he'll act like he likes me if I initiate it.... In the beginning he was very attentive and the sex was amazing. He runs hot and cold -- just as the other ladies have described.

after he found out I had been kind of talking to my x again (because he called my roommate) and he seams like he likes me and he didn't want me back with my x. Then I got to know him and found out that we were exactly alike and that he was an amazing person. Every time things would get good with us, he would stop talking to me. I agree with the 1st 2 ladies that's exactly what I've been going thru for 13yrs and about 4 or 5 months with the other 1 a on again off again relationship so 2 speak cause that's what it feel like except no commitment but I figured them (i have 2 Capricorn men) out you have to be patient with a Capricorn man but the ?????? I didn't say much either but out of all the girls he was attracted 2 me. I found him on myspace and decided ya know this guy looks like a player so he won't mind that I want nothing from him.

But now he's slipping on me again not texting and I refuse to text him first every day I feel like a stalker or something!! I ended up falling in love with him and he told me he loved me and things were great. We haven't necessarily broken up but we might as well have. I went into the relationship with a "I don't want anything from you mentality just sex"..

I hate to think he giving somebody else my lovin I just wanna be with him but he keeps so denial but a relationship I always.

Call him first I want his time when he free I get it sometimes that's not enough for a lovin Virgo like me Ive been with my cap for 3 months now, I have seen a bit of his working hard side of person, and when together alone as one he does great things!

And besides they like to be desired, so they like that you message them all the time, and NOT get crazy when they don't reply.

Unfortunately it's the Virgo insecurity behind this desire to always hear from him. off my mind we been on and off for bout yr and a half.

he is very occupied which in a sense as a Virgo I understand.

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