Cajun dating habits

With the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, Louisiana then became possession of the United States.

The historical event of the 18th century which had the greatest cultural impact on Lafayette, LA was the migration of the Acadians from French Canada.

Approximately 18,000 French-speaking Catholic inhabitants settled Acadie (now Nova Scotia) in 1605 and lived there under French rule until 1713 when the region went into English hands.

It constituted a small trading post on the banks of the Vermilion River where the Old Spanish Trail crossed the bayou (about where today's Pinhook Bridge is located).

The village also came to be known as Pin Hook, a name about which many stories of origin exist.

Those who don’t know what Keys to the VIP is, it’s a TV show where pick-up artists compete live to pick up women.

Cajun not only mopped the floor with the competition but was also declared the best by the judges in regard to his ability to attract women.At a club one night, he met some top Love Systems instructors through a mutual friend and got moved at how easily they could attract women.He then knew there and then that he had stumbled upon a social goldmine and quickly began involved in the team.They settled along the bayous of south central and south western Louisiana where they could live according to their own beliefs and customs.The first settlement, known as Petit Manchac, was established by the English who used it during the Revolutionary War as an outpost.The exiles ended up in many locations and in 1784, the King of Spain consented to allow them to settle in South Louisiana.

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