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She was most convincing playing the lesbian in Set it Off.I think Nathan Lane was very convincing as the straight accountant/trustee in The Good Wife.

The character is a closeted Republican sleeping with the ex-President's wayward son, T. The character was even played by out gay actor David Monahan (known best as Tobey on 'Dawson's Creek', Matt Seely on 'Crossing Jordan', and Nathan on 'Dexter', and for cameo work in '...

Ethan Green' and 'The Dark Knight Rises'), and the series itself was led and spearheaded by none other than Sigourney. His X-Men character particularly was unconvincingly het. Taylor Kitsch isn't much of an actor, but he did all right with his limited range on "The Normal Heart." The only reason he was great as Tim Riggins on FNL is because he was basically playing himself.

She was all about her White Collar boyfriend until I set her straight, or rather, set Bomer not-straight. I think the White Collar doubts arise from his being an out actor rather than his performance.

Their characters have love interests or are married, but are just not convincing as straight men: Simon Baker - The Mentalist (OWNS THIS THREAD)Nathan Fillion - Castle Rick Cosnett - The Flash David Giuntoli - Grimm Ty Burrell - Modern Family Jon Cryer - Two and a Half Men Jim Parsons - TBBTHugh Dancy - Hannibal R40, I believe the character Sean Reeves in the short-lived series 'Political Animals', is based loosely on Schock.

I always enjoy the efforts of gay actors who cannot convincingly pull off a straight character no matter how hard they try - or perhaps don't try, in an act of subconscious subversion.

The gothic soap Dark Shadows was a showcase for this! Please R2, off the top of my head whoever plays Shane's boyfriend on the little watched MTV show "Faking It" is hot but completely unbelievable in his intimate scenes IMO. Taylor Kitsch also did a pretty poor job in the Normal Hearth.

Must have been a good gig for David, even if he was playing an asshole. In promo and in the supporting material around the movie (book of the film, etc.), much noise was made about the fact that his character Pyro was 'jealous' of his best friend's girlfriend. Oh r57, Simon Baker is gaygaygay..up that CBS Sunday Morning profile, the early footage of him dancing shirtless was like looking at early porn. I think people may be mistaking his weak acting as dislike for the material, but I was told he actually fought very hard to get that role.

He got to make out with a naked Sebastian Stan in moodlighting. I chose to let it mean the opposite of the message intended. He's Canadian and very liberal and vocally pro-gay.

Jon Groff and I have a mutual acquaintance in NYC, and from what I heard through him, Jon and Taylor got along really well, and Matt Bomer liked him a lot, too.

He's straight and a crappy actor but he's hot and a hard worker and a very nice guy, so he'll keep getting unimportant roles here and there for years to come.

I agree Parson's would have a hard time pulling off regular straight guy.

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