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Kristin was later portraited with Brody on 'the Hills' when she signed for a last season. Talan Torriero 2004 Type: Fling Went to the same high- school as Kristin also casting on 'Laguna Beach' back in 2004.

Talan invited Kristin for a date during the show but was not interested romanticly in him.

Kristin and Nick fell quickly in love with each other.

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It's been confirmed those two actually never dated in real life.

Matt Leinart 2008 Type: Dating The two dated while Matt, NFL quarterback, who at the time was attending the University of Southern California was still a Trojan and Kristin was in high school.

Talan had a crush on her long before they went on a date.

Kristin was not in it for more than a fling though. Stephen Colletti 2004-2003 Type: Relationship High-school sweethearts with Kristin.

Chris Evans 2008 Type: Friendship 'New York Post' reported that Chris and Kristin hooked-up some time during 2008.

The two were not initially spotted going out or dating, but a few magazines had their mind to the fact that Chris and Kristin were seeing each other.Miguel Medina 2010 Type: Dating Met Kristin at work - as a cameraman for the long- running MTV reality show 'The Hills' so their ways crossed pretty frequently during the filming of scenes for the show.Reported dating for months but ended late summer of 2010.Kristin has said in interview that her relationship with Nick was the closest and probably the most serious one.Nick Lachey 2006 Type: Dating Spotted in Los Angeles on dates with Kristin in early 2006.Kristin and Jay welcomed second son, Jaxon Wyatt Cutler on May 7, 2014.

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