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My guess is Roberts is either a friend doing her a favor, a set-up, or perhaps her and Bonner have played out and he really is a BF. I don't know who he is, but from the looks of him, I would guess fashion designer/hairstylist/struggling up-and-coming actor if that tells you anything.

Here is an article from July 08 issue of SOD where they claimed to being just friends.

I think it's pretty obvious they're together.

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What's also fascinating about the pictures of the two of them together is it is pretty obvious who is the top in the relationship.

Beth Ann always has her arm around Bree in a possessive fashion - Beth Ann Bonner was on Soap Net's "So You Wanna Be a Soap Star" several years ago.

I read that One Life To Live soap actresses Bree Williamson and Beth Ann Bonner are dating each other.

I also read that Bree divorced her husbandwhen she fell in love with Beth Ann does anyone know if this rumor is true?

In 2006, Bree was happy to receive her green card, knowing “now no one could kick me out of the country”.

Later that year she co-hosted for the Planned Parenthood Awards, that honored individuals and organizations for their contributions to protecting the rights of women.

Williamson not only has her hands full with all of her character’s alters, but also takes on a heavy work load outside the One Life to Live Studios.

Williamson was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and originally had plans to pursue a career in business, psychology or women studies.

Beth Ann is a lesbian and to my knowledge doesn't even try to hide it, so, if they are just friends, then Bree is a recently divorced "straight" woman who hangs out constantly with a lesbian.

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