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Even with humans if the sperm and egg aren't just so the body sheds it.It's thought that when a woman has an unusually heavy period that may be the result of a miscarriage."As I recall from my High School Biology, by definition, different species can't interbreed." This is incorrect.

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AFAIK not having categorically identified "Neanderthal DNA" in modern humans (hasn't been really ruled out yet, has it? Whatever potential subspecies of hominid were interfertile with Cro-Magnon man presumably died out or were absorbed into the main stream.

) would not really prove anything re: impossibility or viability or if then it would result in fertile or infertile hybrids; sometimes mere impracticality or difficulty to mate, carry to term, and grow the offspring to adulthood under natural conditions, can be as effective as chromosomal incompatibility in preventing the perpetuation of the lineage. I really wouldn't expect bushbaby/raccoon to work, & I would expect those to be (slightly) closer together cladistically than hominid/canid. I don't know how much the chromosomes have differentiated. Great apes, otoh, are ridiculously strong, & have (except for bonobos) rather different estrus cycles & sexual behaviors from us. Try to think of it like this, even if the sperm of a dog and the egg of a woman (or vice versa) were to get together, humans and dogs and every other living thing, from plants to bacteria have correcting mechanism in their cells.

I take it you're referring to the more recent vision of canid taxonomy, under which the wolf and domestic dog (and in some versions, also the coyote, etc.) are reconceptualized as "subspecies" within the same canis lupus, and some of the previously identified "subspecies" in turn reclassified as mere "populations".

Of course, once upon a time there were different coexistent species of humans and hominids (and probably other now-extinct lineages of Great Apes). But seriously, there are huge physical difficulties for humans attempting to mate with any of the extant hominoids.

It's kind of like this, the DNA would try to match and it would produce and error, the cell would have a correcting mechanism, this is wrong, it would cut this part of the gene out and try again.

Eventually the cell would say this, is just garbage get rid of it.

As most of these are secondhand based on hearsay, there's no reason to credit them, but the authors at the time evidently did.

I only mention them because the legendary traditions they are based on keep the possibility alive in the popular imagination, prompting questions like the OP's.

Some still argue that the Bonobo (Pygmy Chimpanzee) is merely a subspecies of Pan troglodytes. I am pretty sure that Pan troglodytes can interbreed with Pan paniscusseparate species or no. As I pointed out above, whether or not the two forms can interbreed or not is not directly relevant to the question of whether or not they are species.

If they can't interbreed due to physiological reasons, that definitely makes them separate species.

I think it's unlikely, but some more distantly related species have interbred, for example camel and llama.

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