Azmarie and raven symone dating

Clooney has also vowed to never get married or have any children.

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Queen Latifah blazed a trail by becoming successful in a male-dominated rap world.

As her popularity grew, so did questions about her sexuality.

When asked about his sexual orientation, he refused to comment on it saying, “That would be really tacky—they would win if I had to clarify.”Hollywood actor George Clooney has been romantically linked to a bevy of beautiful women so that must make him straight, right?

Well, he has still been the subject of gay rumors and when pressed about the issue by the media, the former “ER” star has said he won’t deny the rumors because that would be an insult to the gay community.

While she has amassed a fortune by starring in her own show as well as movies, she’s also been the subject of major speculation.

Word started to spread about the “That’s So Raven” star being romantically linked with “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Az Marie Livingston, but fiercely guarded Symone tweeted this May 2012: “My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I’m dating’s to know.

The “Tightrope” singer has never publicly addressed her sexual preference or the gay rumors that surround her but did say during a 2011 interview that when it comes to her preferences, she only dates androids.

“I speak about androids because I think the android represents the new ‘other,’” Monae said.

In 2012, it was reported that the “Just the Way You Are” singer admitted he was gay but a rep for Mars quickly spoke up and said that was just not the truth.

He may love singing about sex but Bruno Mars himself has been mum about his sexual orientation.

The couple had been together since 2005 but that didn’t stop him from being the subject of gay rumors.

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