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Once you provide an e-mail address that your spouse would presumably never have access to, you're thrust into Ashley Madison's low-tech pink and purple interface. The day before our meeting, Ashley Madison had blasted out a press release accusing Fox of refusing to broadcast its Super Bowl commercial.

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Plaintiffs in the current suit have to file a collective complaint by June 3, Ars Technica reported.

After hearing an ad on Howard Stern's radio show or seeing a schlocky commercial on late-night TV, you might find yourself on Ashley — the premier "dating" website for aspiring adulterers. " Setting up a profile costs nothing and takes about 12 seconds. "Monogamy, in my opinion, is a failed experiment," he declares.

It's a problem the Bidermans say they have never had to confront because they are in a monogamous relationship, but they recognize others do not have that and there is money to be made from infidelity.

The couple, who have two children, say there's nothing wrong in running a site that allows married people who want to cheat to connect with others seeking an affair.

"That's what happens when you build a taboo-focused business." Their privately held Toronto holding company, Avid Life Media Inc., grossed US$115 million in earnings last year, according to tax documents and figures shared by Biderman with Forbes.

Now divorce lawyers are preparing for a potential bonanza from the site's massive breach that released the information of its subscribers.Noel and Amanda Biderman say they do not practice what they preach but simply are smart entrepreneurs seizing an untapped market."I am printing money, I don't deny it," Biderman told the New York Daily News in 2014. judge has ruled that 42 plaintiffs who are looking to file a class-action lawsuit against Ashley Madison's Toronto-based parent company, Avid Dating Life Inc.The plaintiffs hoped to sue the site, which offers extramarital affairs, under pseudonums in order to "reduce the risk of potentially catastrophic personal and professional consequences," says a decision reached on April 6. Ross of the Eastern District Court of Missouri, however, said Avid Dating Life is facing other lawsuits in which plaintiffs are using their real names.Hundreds of email addresses apparently attached to Canadian government workers were included in the leak.

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