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JAWAD GO SUCK YOUR MOMS T**S THAT MIGHT BE HELP FULL BLOODY PAKISTANIS. hunmm,i m a pakistani,i know v well our status,right now we are truely in trouble,the reason,reason is only,world making us world nothing are plying with pakistan ll not take stability,world cant sleep well.becouse 17 cror people will be that cant be affordable for world,including india,amarica,and euoro.i m telling u ppls.remined it to be honest i have sympathies with pakistan as you know a single persons mistake results in humiliation and agony for others but lets come on the issue again we have enuf capability to take on any nation and believe me we dont showoff like the rest forgive me please im talking about N. all these paki are good for is married there on sister (i mean sister f****rs) i just cant belive somebody can f**k there on sister but i guess now i know paki can loll u guys a bunch a f****ng losser u guys dont have nothing better too do in ur f****ng life let india live in peace and bottom line is this (too all u sister f****rs paki) U GUYS WILL NEVER GET KASHMIR dream on and go have a s*x with ur sis or cuz u guys make me sick i fell sorry for u guys u guys live off state(usa) they give u money too buy food and u guys are so dume enougf too use that money aginst india , do me a fabour go buy a food and then u might grow some bowls going against india and i wish u they luck in ur dream those dream will never come true Abe, Madharchod AMi, Teri Ma ki chut, Madharchod Parwej Musaraf yadi teri maa ko mere pa*s nahi lata to kargil time me teri bhi gand chod dalta, woh to sukr hai ki teri maa ki chut mujhe mil gayee.


Even in the history the pig moguls hara*sed Indian Hindus and wanted them to convert Hindus into muslims this is against nature.

This is very too much even after giving the f****ng muslims half part of India, they still want to annex Kashmir.

b practical donot speculate let see wen war happen bloddy jokers just make self happy dont turn dreams into reality aftr all dreams r dreams reality is reality b practical my childs pakistani sister f****rs,m**********rs,fatherf****rs and dog f****rs which u all know you are I say u hello,and to my indian brothers and sisters i say u JAI HIND.


VANDE MATARAM ay kutti man k buche,indian bastered,u dont know even ur GODS. haah haah.someone commenting about indian army being only intrested in girls...that son-of-a-bitch doesn't know that the paki army loses every time only because they are masturbating about indian beauties wid their cut-off penals.....those a*sholes.....shameless m**********rs....can a paki soldier do besides raping his own neighbour's wife??

cows are ur mothers,and Dogs are ur cowerds u know v well about ur pakistani can f**k thousands of HIndus banias.u r lions in ur home only in front of ur what about r sisters,they ve so many boy friends,and be f**ked from each of one.after pregnancy she can use unwanted 72bharat bharat mahan why not just accept that pakistan is very good at speaking trash and in battles of brains and brawns its useless we rule mate india rules just give us 5 more years you fuch head pakis wud be asking your original fathers for weapons as now you are begging the americans and the chinese noodles please help us in the name of aid to fight agains terrorism lolzzzzzzzz fk u pakistani motherfkrs hey guys why we r argumentating with this f****r pakistani . we use our money only not like u pakistani begger alwz need help of USA . and when they lose big time, they just run to the US, their BIG DADDY to same them from shame...those f****ng bastards i just like to remind you both indians and pakistanis that word fight wont end....let not forget that in case of war n*body will remain to speak such bulls*it as u all discussing here... Isn't it nice to know, that We BRITSH ruled you Idiots for over 250years, (combined Indo-Pak). Ahhh..I know why so many Indians and Pakistan in what happen.Look at you un-educated barbarians, still arguing and fighting amongst yourselves. That's is why I have to eat Indian curry everyday and buy Pakistanis Carpet..we all Malaysia except the fact that all Indian and Pakistani live harmony in Malaysia but not here...a sad scenario.itni bateen kr rahe ho forum pur panipat mein tmhari pent geeli ho jati know about 1965 and kargill wars ..some scraps of videos ....bloody bastards .. dont you bastards remember the invasion of pakistan army in india in 1965...bastards 2nd largest nation with AIDS and you bastards say us f**** remember that india is the 2nd largest country in world where every 3rd man sleeps hungry....bombay k aik terrorist ko to pakr nai ske the ab batein kr rahe ho....indians know what happened to them in 1962 by them great army ...for pakistanis it is know that you are the children of those who used to take bath under the urine of COW sorry your god...indians know that happened in the reign of Gaznavi ..indians know that they are the children of those who used to keep the toilets of Muslims neat and clean .....Can any Bastard here answer me that y indians fear PANIPAT and why indians never mention the period of the past 1000 years... every Indian woman is a prostitute because she is the product of NIOG and according to NIOG a Hindu woman can have s*x with 11 men to have a child.Bloody f****ng brothels the whole part of f****ng pakistan half of afghanistan, the whole part of tajakistan and the whole part of kashmir belonged to India. you know pakistan can never think of winning against the indian might they just pee in there pants when talked about the encounters with us you know even a normal indian(with no military training)can beat the crap out of these muslim radicles motherfkrs pakistanis we are your daddy and that too in a big way the main thing is the indian army has a large equipment but they are not brave like pakistani and muslims they are you have weapon but you are timi and when enemy in front of you cant do anything just run back like all the world know about in indian army interested in girls movies and ther are strong just in movies in real life when paki defense and then attcak they cant reflect what is doing with india .i can prove it many times but indian they tells us stories but we are real and PAKISTANI.

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