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The fourth season of the television series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit premiered September 27, 2002 and ended May 16, 2003 on NBC.This was the last season of the series to air on Friday nights at 10pm/9c.Detective Stabler struggles to deal professional with the criminals he encounters.

When discussing the role, Lawrence revealed that her "husband trained as a psychiatrist in a big county psych ward and was very helpful in researching that pathology.

It was a great challenge to understand that character's mind." The decorated actress Pam Grier appeared in the fifth episode "Disappearing Acts".

Browning continued to appear in this role for the eight seasons that followed.

As with Neal Baer, she stated that her role on SVU was beneficial to her job in the healthcare industry: "My work on the show has opened many doors and conversations with the press and clients — so there’s a real synergy there." In the season premiere "Chameleon", Sharon Lawrence guest starred as Maggie Peterson, a psychotic prostitute who kills men after she sleeps with them.

In the episode, a well meaning boy is manipulated by a sociopathic classmate and charged with felony murder as a result — a topic that was addressed by Miller v. In the same interview, Baer talked about the detectives having differing opinions on grey areas of the law.

He opined that this contributed to NBC's willingness to let him delve into highly charged topics with no censorship and cited "Mercy" as an example. George Huang) was added to the opening credits of the fourth season.

Each version of Law & Order focuses on different detectives.

The detectives' personal lives and reactions to cases are as compelling as the crimes themselves. Like the other Law & Order shows, SVU frequently bases episodes on real-life crimes that are in the news.

His experience raising his own children has made him good at relating to child victims he encounters while working cases.

Despite his bad temper and occasional poor judgment, many viewers can relate to Detective Stabler and his disgust at the criminals he arrests and interviews.

However, instead of reprising his character, he directed the season finale.

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