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Alain Delon aurait été hospitalisé dimanche pour de violentes douleurs au dos au service de neurochirurgie de l'hôpital Lariboisière, à Paris, selon le magazine Ici Paris. Grace Kelly et le prince Rainier, Brigitte Bardot et Roger Vadim, ou encore Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin... Voilà en cinq points ce qu'il faut savoir sur Alain-Fabien.

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Keen to lose his enfant terrible image, Delon wants to talk about acting.

We are sitting in the plush apartment of a Knightsbridge hotel, Delon holed up to promote his latest acting venture, a television adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier's Frenchman's Creek (to be shown on ITV next Sunday).

Delon said he was "horrified and devastated with sadness," by an interview in the Italian edition of Vanity Fair with his son, Alain-Fabien Delon, 18, claiming the French actor had been abusive toward him, his brother and mother.

Alain-Fabien said the Italian publication had twisted much of what he said, but he maintained his father had been violent towards his mother, Rosalie Van Breemen, and a terror to him and his older brother, Anthony.

His film career originally took off in 1986 with a French version of Chronicle of a Death Foretold but, having taken it to Cannes to great acclaim, he quit acting. I was young, looking for love, couldn't face the commitment.

I went to America as my mother lives out there, in Sundance.

Delon himself, for unrelated incidents, went to prison for a month: "Oh, that was for guns and stuff, for stealing a car.

Every young guy is more or less rebellious," he says with a Gallic shrug, his embarrassment very genuine.

Brandon was rushed to the hospital after being shot by Massee but died in surgery on March 31, 1993, at the age of 28.

Much of the film had already been completed, and despite the on-set tragedy, The Crow went on to became a fan favorite after its release, grossing more than million in the US.

It's taken me an hour to build up to the crunch question about his family's murky past, and Anthony Delon, otherwise supremely confident, is suddenly bashful.

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