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It is a task-based system that exists as a layer between the function calls and the data processing functions; the idea is that all data processing is done through SQUIRREL.

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This compilation errors appears when the HDF5was not loaded. ' Typically this happens when users get a new computer, installs Igor, but then forgets to move the or fix a shortcut to this file.

It is always a good idea to upgrade your existing squirrel experiments.

But using this system, the binary data is kept on a hard drive as much as possible.

Also, as the data is accessed selectively, you only grab as little or as much is needed, greatly speeding up the processing times for simple tasks while still able to perform the big ones.

Hie DI is a software tool for converting To F-AMS and files into files.

The and files are generated using older acquisition software (mostly pre-2007).

Upgrading Squirrel consists of loading 5 new ipfs (Igor Procedure Files) beginning with "SQ_", killing the old ones, and recreating the main AMS panel.

Ipfs can be shared or adopted in any experiment; consult the Igor documentation to understand which method you would like to use.

Analysis of the and files can be done through an Igor software package called TADA.

Eventually TADA will not be supported and everything will be done through Squirrel and files.

An older version of software that has some of the same functionality is called TADA. Squirrel's foundation using HDF files will allow for analysis and manipulation of data sets larger than TADA can handle.

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