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Not every action you choose will affect the attributes or affections in a positive or negative manner.

Energy and Morale, however, will always got up or down.

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Upbeat sounds play when visiting the town map, and at certain locations, while rather soft and somber musical chords enhance the depression one would feel during sad moments.

The only vocals you will hear throughout the game are during the opening song and whenever Amy succeeds or fails one of her actions.

Most actions will advance the day, with the exception of shopping and special scenes triggered on random days.

The only action that is normally forced on you is when you visit the ice cream shop during the weekday mornings.

Once you are given some reign on how to go about your day-to-day life, many opportunities make themselves available.

Amy can choose to follow her heart and aid Aaron in recovering his memories of her, or find solace in the arms of the cute doctor or one of her close friends.Her boyfriend Aaron doesn't remember her anymore after a car accident! - Play in a living world: certain actions are possible only during specific times of the day, or days of the week - Mystery: who is the mysterious "Secret Admirer" that emails you in the game? - Beautiful manga artwork: including some special event CG and 8 different ending CGs with Gallery Screen - Relationship system: as seen in other Winter Wolves games, each character has a relationship value that affects gameplay and requires player to make the right dialog choices - Find the right strategy: explore the game world and learn what are the best tactics to raise specific skills Hello I had bought this a while back as a download for my pc but when I tired to get a steam key for it like I had with my other Winter Wolf games it wouldn't let me, saying that my email was wrong(it's not) if you could help me that'd be great. Random events when visiting key locations at certain times offer some background into the relationships Amy shares with her friends.You have a broad set of people you can interact with from the very shy ice shop co-worker Lawrence to the creative jokester Hugh.Key scenes with any of the potential love interests will result in either an increase or decrease of affection for Amy.

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