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We deal with the same troubles, but it seems like mixed messages to Amish teens would be SO troubling!

Barbara The craziest thing in the world is they expect them even in dating this way to refrain from sex! And from what I gather from Saloma’s book, there is a certain amount of …can’t think of the Dutch word…cuddling and kissing expected from the girls, too.

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As for the new order that I know in Pa., they would definitely consider it a SIN to allow bed courtship.

Lots of differences when we make church rules based on preferences instead of following GODS word!!!!

Barbara Unfortunately Dee the answer to your question is “yes” Dee Rebecca, the Amish do not use a bundling board. It seems the former Amish are the only ones who will talk or admit it is still used. Barbara It depends on the person whether you get an honest answer or not Dee Okay. I’m still trying to figure out if it is a thing of the past–LOL. Do you think it would exist in Old Order churches in the more touristy areas–like Lancaster or Holmes County?

I’m guessing it is NOT a practice among the New Orders or higher churches–right?

I think it is worse in areas like ours where the Amish live in large groups: you will often find public officials reluctant to get involved and will mostly defer to the church officials to take care of issues that come up.

Lizzy Yes, I grew up in the Swartzentruber Amish setting.

I would sure love to have a venue and publishers who are willing to publish a bit more truth. This discussion leads me to another question: do you think the parents ever worry about what is going on “up there” when they are in their beds and know there is a young man in their daughter’s bedroom?

Would they ever say anything to their girls or would they keep silent?

Emanuel I was Swartzentruber Amish I left after my first experience of bed courtship, I thought it was a strange way of dating, and most of my family left but the Swartzentruber Amish still practice that, many have broke away because of that.

It’s an Ordnung that needs to cease to exist, Amish or English, you can have bed courtship after you promise to live with each other for the rest of your lives.

Mary, it’s no wonder families leave the Old Order before their children have to be involved in bed courting.

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