Xprofil wib cam

If you have time, you too can have Linux on your Bay Trail device and learn why things work and do not work.

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Wireless support for the DV8 is mainlined but testing still has it disconnecting at the usual intervals but something it can be coaxed to work longer.

Be careful when testing suspend, I "lost" my battery on the OS level.

Performed a fresh install from Arch Linux 2016.12 media with Kernel 4.8.11 onto Micro SD card with a couple of work arounds but no surprises, corruption or crashes.

Kernel 4.9 has landed, audio requires a platform clock patch to function correctly.

If you forget to start via the boot menu your screen will go black after selection and Linux boots without the screen displaying output.

This issue comes down to how KMS initialises video during the handover from EFI and a patch is available.

I don't know any of these folks but I feel attribution is important.

Adam Williamson - For his work on the Bay Trail Fedlet.

With Chrome / Firefox and a number of additional things open 4 hours of productivity comes to 47% battery usage.

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