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Coyle is shocked his deaf client is now facing a criminal charge for resisting arrest."A minor, minor accident that the officers didn't witness. They didn't need to yank him out of the car and beat him like some animal.DA David Prater has analyzed the video to look for evidence of police brutality.

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"I relied on it greatly in this case in determining what to do." OHP investigators interviewed five troopers, a civilian ride-along who was in the passenger seat of Trooper Foster's squad car during the arrest, and the three people in the car Pearson backed into. According to investigation documents, doctors at the hospital determined Pearson's shoulder had been dislocated.

Each eyewitness says the same thing: Pearson fought the troopers when they tried to take him into custody. It was re-positioned before he was transported to the jail for processing.

"They had enough sense about them and showed enough restraint to where they did what they thought they needed to do and nothing more." Prater said.

According to investigation documents, Trooper Foster and Trooper Kelton Hayes arrived at Pearson's vehicle at the same moment and initially holstered their weapons as they could see Pearson's hands on the wheel.

However, both troopers say as they got closer to the SUV, Pearson made a sudden movement reaching down toward his car door which caused them to be suspicious about a weapon.

Prater says, according to trooper interviews both troopers said they motioned and yelled to Pearson to show his hands and to put his hands out of the window.

Despite a long-standing OHP policy of refusing to release dash cam video, News Channel 4's Ali Meyer has obtained the dash cam video of the Pearl Pearson arrest.

WATCH: The OHP Trooper Loophole Investigation Because of the OHP exception to the Oklahoma Open Records Act, the agency refused to release the tape.

The dash camera inside Trooper Foster's squad car recorded the entire ordeal. Even though the scuffle cannot be seen, it can be heard.

For five and a half minutes Trooper Foster and Trooper Hayes wrestle with Pearson as he refuses to allow his hands to be handcuffed.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol did not interview Pearl Pearson during the course of their investigation because of a disagreement about their interpreter. Pearl Pearson's defense attorney, Billy Coyle, stands by his client and believes Pearson was unnecessarily roughed up by the OHP.

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