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Camming is essentially a virtual peep show, but instead of the glass wall and the curtain that comes up and down, it’s the glass wall.

So it became this interesting metaphor for how different our relationships are and how they’re mediated by technology.

In a lot of ways that’s why we thought the show should happen now, because so much has changed since they stopped producing “Real Sex.” You take a service like phone sex or even peep shows, there was a really incredible episode about peep shows that I remember coming across and when I saw it I realized there are probably not many peep shows anymore. It was the form of sex entertainment that was least likely to survive the rise of the Internet, because there’s no purpose for it.

Why we ended up focusing on camming is that it was the most one-to-one example of how something like that would dematerialize and reform online as this other form of sex entertainment.

The technological difference between that and the first episode of “Sex//Now” is stunning.

But how fundamentally different are these interactions — the tele-fantasy of the ’90s and the webcamming of now?

I read this oral history of “Real Sex” that Vulture did and [the show’s producer] Patti Kaplan was talking about her experience — she really got a sense of how the show was changing popular culture and ideas around sex.

When she first started doing her on-the-street interviews, people would be super-shy, super-careful with what they said.

Everybody knows it’s all available online and young people have come of age in that culture.

What our show sets out to do is essentially curate the Internet.

As a result, my erotic catalog is disproportionately made up of images from that show — a stripper shaking her breasts in a man’s face, a couple having sex at a swinging convention, a woman writhing behind glass.

When I saw the premiere this week of HBO’s “Sex//Now,” a new show being billed as the next “Real Sex,” I had to rewatch those old episodes.

As a pre-pubescent, “Real Sex” was my sex education — and I know I’m not alone in that. I think a lot of people from my generation who didn’t necessarily have access to a lot of the stories and images that are available online now, we looked to television and specifically “Real Sex” for a lot of those stories.

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