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Although the government reported law enforcement efforts against trafficking offenders, officials frequently conflated trafficking with other crimes, such as smuggling and kidnapping, and convicted offenders received severely weak sentences that were insufficient to deter the crime.

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Some Sudanese citizens who migrate to Europe via Egypt are reportedly detained in the Sinai Peninsula; these individuals are highly vulnerable to exploitation and severe physical and sexual abuse.

The Government of Sudan does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so.

Sudanese police and border guards allegedly facilitate abductions of Eritrean nationals, some of whom are trafficking victims, and allow potential victims to be transported across security checkpoints or international borders without intervention.

Sudanese citizens are subjected to forced labor, domestic servitude, and sex trafficking abroad.

Migrants, unaccompanied minors, refugees, and asylum-seekers, primarily from East and West Africa, are highly vulnerable to sex trafficking and forced labor in Sudan.

Ethiopian women are particularly vulnerable to domestic servitude in private homes in Khartoum and other urban centers; some Ethiopian women are forced into prostitution in Khartoum and experience debt bondage.Anecdotal evidence also suggests that Chinese women working for Chinese companies, especially restaurants, may be subjected to forced labor or prostitution.Bangladeshi adults migrate to Sudan for work and have been reported to be victims of trafficking.Sudanese women and girls, particularly internally displaced persons or those from rural areas, and refugee women are vulnerable to domestic servitude; Sudanese girls are also vulnerable to sex trafficking in restaurants and brothels.Some Sudanese officials are reportedly involved in child sex trafficking rings and profit from such crimes.Despite this positive effort, authorities were unable to fully prevent or end the use of children in the armed forces and failed to provide protective services or reintegration support to demobilized child soldiers.

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