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The ring-leader, 59-year-old Shabir Ahmed, claimed the girls were "prostitutes" who had been running a "business empire" and it was all "white lies". You have only got my kind here." received the longest sentence, 19 years for rape, aiding and abetting a rape, sexual assault, trafficking for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children.Mohammed Sajid was sentenced to 12 years for rape, sexual activity with a girl under 16, trafficking for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children.

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Suggestions emerged that police and social work departments failed to act when details of the gang emerged for fear of appearing racist, and vulnerable white teenagers being groomed by Pakistani men were ignored.

A report by the deputy children's commissioner in 2012 said that 33% of child sex abuse by gangs in Britain was committed by British Asian, where Asians are 7% of the population, but concluded that it was "irresponsible" to dwell on the data.

He said the investigation was at "an extremely sensitive stage" and street grooming was the force's top priority, "a bigger priority than gun crime".

He said the investigation was looking at cases in Rochdale dating back to 2003.

As a result of the CPS dropping the case, the police halted its investigation, which was resumed when a second girl made complaints of a similar nature in December 2009.

The victims, vulnerable teenagers from deprived, dysfunctional backgrounds were targeted in "honeypot locations" where young people congregated, such as takeaway food shops.

Among the incidents that police recorded were: a 15-year old victim too drunk to recall being raped by 20 men, one after the other; another victim so drunk that she vomited over the side of the bed as she was being raped by two men.

Some gang members told the court the girls were willing participants and happy having sex with the men.

Ann Cryer, Labour MP for Keighley, recalled in a BBC documentary filmed in 2012 that she had worked with the families of the victims involved, and had been "round at the police station virtually every week" and was "begging" both the police and social services to do something.

Cryer said, "neither the police nor social services would touch those cases...

The men were aged between 24 and 59 and all knew each other.

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