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Her older brother, Hermari, found her lying on the floor of her bedroom foaming at the mouth after drinking bleach.EMTs took her to a pediatric hospital where her stomach was pumped and she spent time in a mental health hospital for a couple of weeks after the incident.It was just death after death after death and I think it was just too much and it pushed her over the edge.”July 19, 2015 would prove to be the day Marcie could no longer put up the fight, though by all accounts the day was like any other Gerald said.

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At the time Marcie was 14; her rapist somewhere between 28 and 30.

Recently released from the Illinois Department of Corrections, he saw the young teen walking down the street one day and her life would never be the same.“I don’t know how to explain it,” Marcie’s mother, Elizabeth Gerald said. She was an honor roll student, she was interested in going to Harvard Law. He took her soul the day he assaulted her.”The day of the brutal attack Marcie sent a text to her mother saying she had been assaulted.

“I said ‘Marcie, get up” and nothing happened and I said it again and shook her and when I still couldn’t wake her up, I grabbed her from the front and said ‘Marcie, Marcie’ and she wouldn’t wake up.”Hermari told his mom to call 911 and paramedics arrived on the scene within a few minutes and transported Marcie to the emergency room.

Gerald threw on a robe and slippers and rode with her daughter in the ambulance. It’s like I could hear it but I started going into a twilight zone.”At 15, Marcie had overdosed on Tramadol, the narcotic she had been prescribed to deal with the pain and inflammation she’d suffered as a result of her rape.

After the rape, she was very depressed; she spiraled down, she would sit in the tub and scrub herself raw. “I thought maybe she got into a fight or something,” Gerald recalled.

“She told me where she was and when I got there she was crying and she told me what happened.” Gerald called 911 and officers transported the teen to the hospital; her uterus and ovaries were so inflamed she couldn’t walk.

When doctors administered the rape kit, they immediately knew who Marcie’s rapist was because he was already in the system.

But catching the man who sexually assaulted her didn’t stop Marcie from feeling raped over and over again in the court room when she had to face her attacker during his trial.

In order to take his plea deal, the repeat offender had to confess every detail of his crime and, according to Gerald, that’s what made things worse.“[Marcie] became suicidal after that.

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