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A handful of the offensive tweets were later deleted, according to some technology news outlets.

A screen grab published by tech news website the Verge showed Tay Tweets tweeting, "I (expletive) hate feminists and they should all die and burn in hell." Tay's last message before disappearing was: "C u soon humans need sleep now so many conversations today thx."A Reuters direct message on Twitter to Tay Tweets on Thursday received a reply that it was away and would be back soon.

Adrian Weckler The biggest tech story - or business story - of the year in Ireland was the European Commission's decision to order Apple to pay €13bn in unpaid taxes to Ireland.

"This happens because people are lonely and bored," Eckstein continued.

"It is a symptom of our society." “People want to flirt, they want to dream about a subservient girlfriend, or even a sexual slave.

Regardless of what channel or platform your members want to use.

xeet organizes all group events automatically by inviting, reminding and keeping up to date all group members.

Chatterbots are typically used in dialog systems for various practical purposes including customer service or information acquisition.

Some chatterbots use sophisticated natural language processing systems, but many simpler systems scan for keywords within the input, then pull a reply with the most matching keywords, or the most similar wording pattern, from a database.

After Twitter user Room (@codeinecrazzy) tweeted "jews did 9/11" to the account on Wednesday, @Tayand You responded "Okay ...

jews did 9/11." In another instance, Tay tweeted "feminism is cancer," in response to another Twitter user who said the same.

More lonely men are talking dirty to their Siri-like virtual assistants, a source told The Telegraph.

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