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Instead Arab girls show off their sun-kissed skin and curves in western bikinis.

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One Saudi told the Daily Star Online some sex-crazed young men – and women – turn to gay sex to satisfy their needs.

He said some effeminate guys have been known to act as "women" at gatherings – kissing or performing oral sex on other partygoers.

I was in a bind when a previous supplier fell through.

A Moroccan-Dutch entrepreneur wants to open a sex shop in the Muslim holy city of Mecca to cater to Saudi couples that want to spice things up in the bedroom.

As night falls, the booze comes out at after-hours beach parties with music and dancing.

The 31-year-old badboy explained the key was people wanted to feel safe.

In 2000, the Telegraph reported that Ann Summers, the sex shop and lingerie chain, had been granted permission to open 22 shops in the Middle East, including one in Mecca.

The store was due to open in Mecca International Mall.

A young ex-pat from the UK revealed he had a sexual relationship with a Saudi girl – and got caught by her mum.

The mum challenged the lad on the doorstep after finding her daughter in his flat.

Booze is outlawed, men are banned from mixing with the opposite sex and women are forced to cover themselves from head to toe in public in the Muslim kingdom.

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