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celebrates its 10th anniversary today (November 23) and with that comes a decade-worth of unforgettable experiences.

Whether you're a brand new player, returning veteran or never went away, here's the best of what the ground-breaking online game had to offer.

The event would inspire Blizzard to make something a little more official... ) was wonderful for memorable boss quotes, with Magister's Terrace providing the stuff memes are made of with "Was merely a setback! Before then came Illidan, the final boss encounter for the Black Temple raid.

If you were fortunate enough to reach the end of the Black Temple and fight Illidan (an extremely difficult encounter that involved 5 different stages) you were rewarded with beloved items such as The Twin Blades of Azzinoth and Bulwark of Azzinoth.'s pre-expansion event, Blizzard shook up the game in a way that changed the expectations for future events forever: A zombie plague descended upon Azeroth.

Originating as creepy looking crates containing cockroaches that infected those who killed them, the disease was quick to spread as the event gained momentum.

Requiring a group of 40 players on each side, the Horde and Alliance must battle it out for territorial dominance by slaying the enemy general. ) one, but players could once summon elemental overlords to raze the enemy base, aerial assaults, cavalry charges and ground troops.

Though these are technically still possible, the battleground has since been streamlined and rarely provides the same experience it once did.

How has Is there anything more memorable than seeing a 100-foot demon lord stomping into what should be a sanctuary, a place you call home?

Over the years many tough bosses have been kited to the various cities of Azeroth to unleash death and destruction.

Games that once lasted for days now last an average of 13 minutes, and years of pleas to return Alterac Valley to the epic experience it once was have remained unheard. Onyxia became a favourite with players after an enjoyable quest chain which saw her deceitful nature exposed; she previously held a position as one of Stormwind City's highest officials and used this position to her advantage.

Blizzard previously described the battleground as "super ambitious, probably over ambitious" for when it was released, and "probably the single most complicated design in offered. Once players had unmasked her, they chased her down to her lair, ultimately slaying her and removing her head for it to be hung on Stormwind's gates.

Many Alliance heroes have sought vengeance on Orc-capital Orgrimmar, including Lady Jaina Proudmoore and Shandris Feathermoon.

Doom Lord Kazzak is the one we remember most, though.

" And while not the most enthralling discussions (especially after the 15th time), it provided a welcome distraction to questing..

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