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from what i know about the girl she is a good girl and religious.

what basically the people tell me is that be careful with moroco people becaues they have a hidden plan for something else....???? Hi there, I assume you got your information from middleastern Arabs.

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Generally speaking, Moroccan women, have strong personalities, are outspoken and most likely educated or striving to be. I then sadly saw that he was not marrying me for love it was the papers.

Adding to that most Muslim-Moroccans abroad are moderate Muslims, yet with strong principles and ethics, seems quiet unusual and sometimes ‘unacceptable’ for middleastern arabs. This person changed so much as soon as I said this.

I'm trying to stay positive but if anyone knows anything about these fishing jobs in Morocco can they please shed some light?

I'm engaged to a Moroccan man, and have some similar doubts, I don't for a second think that he wants papers from me, but with everything that you read its hard not to get disheartened.

recently a few months back i started talking to this girl from morocco and she is from marakech and her ancestors are berber.

i have discussed this matter with some people and they are telling me that morocon girls are not that easliy to be trusted.I've no idea when he is to return and am beginning to wonder if he will.I am in contact with his father who has tried his best to reassure me, and tells me that he was expecting him to be gone for a month and so he should be back soon.Therego, they find it extremely unexpected to see such differences in personalities, views, and ways of life, despite the fact that arabized Moroccans speak a language similar to theirs. If someone truly loves you if should not matter where you decide to live.And whoever/whatever is different to them is bad and should not be trusted. This is my experence but not all morrocans are the same they are genuine people out there, just be careful.The only reason I have for feeling so insecure is what I read and hear.

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