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Historically, he said these kinds of boundary-crossing liaisons have already occurred much in Southeast Asia, which is a crossroads of many cultures.

“People back then had no access to the social media and, as such, had less temptations. “The younger generation now have much more choices as they are more exposed.

There is less inclination to give and take,” one of the participants wrote.

“We should be startled if it is not different,” she said.

According to the Statistics Department, women in 1970 got married at the average age of 21.2, which dropped to 19.4 years old a decade later.

“After all, the millennials have enjoyed the democratisation of education and contraception is easily and cheaply available.

“So, yes, they are different from their parents’ generation but this is not at all surprising because every generation is different from the previous one.

In the survey, over nine in 10 respondents said they would date someone from another race but one in 10 said religion would stop them from dating someone.

Many of the millennials when interviewed, told that the benefit of dating someone from outside your race is the opportunity to learn about a different culture.“I love getting to know somebody with a different culture, with a different religion, something different from my own because there is so much to learn about the person,” one of the survey participants, 29-year-old Choo May Kuen said in an interview.

Sydney kicks off new year celebrations with fireworks display RON95, diesel up 20 sen, RON97 up 15 sen tomorrow Floods prevent 33 Terengganu schools from reopening tomorrow Knighthood for Andy Murray, Mo Farah in New Year Honours KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 — They are a generation that has developed a reputation for narcissism and given the world numerous sexual abbreviations such as NSA, DTF, and FWB (Google is your friend here, Gen X-ers and baby boomers).

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