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This is probably why I passed on South America to live in Eastern Europe, where people better match my demeanor.

Foreign girls are his best shot at getting laid at all, and the cheapest option for him is to take a bus to a Turkish resort and go full retard on foreign girls. Most are with their families or boyfriends, and the ones you see at night tend to be older than 30 (Turkish spinsters, I imagine).

Your best shot at approaching younger Turkish girls in Alanya is during the day, when they are allowed by their parental units to take short trips to the store, but since she is lodging with her family, you have small odds at isolating her at night.

Besides the five times daily call for prayer and a million kebab shops, there isn’t much room left for authentic Turkish culture.

Conclusion I took this trip while I was living in Odessa.

I think I’ve done a poor job killing the false stereotype that Swedish girls are blonde bombshells.

While their genetics are pristine, modern Swedish girls look like tattooed burritos.

I’m convinced they study Swedish, Russian, and English in the off-season when they have to power down their penis for the winter months.

If you can pass for Spanish, Greek, or Italian, you will be dime a dozen here.

Turkish men are also not allowed to “pick up” Turkish girls because word may get back to their relatives, in which case they’d be shamed by their elders.

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