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I could feel the ache building up in my pussy already! If worse came to worse I would have to hide away in the bathroom and use my trusty vibrator that I had packed along.

The day after we arrived, Margie, Ryan’s mom, took the boys into town to the local theatre to see the summer blockbuster movie, The Transformers.

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Once the van was loaded up with all our luggage and the boys were settled in and had slipped in their favorite Disney movie, Cars, I kissed Ryan goodbye with a smoldering kiss while I gripped his crotch and told him he better miss me and that I would be counting down the days until I got back for our planned night of erotic fun.

Lord knows I was going to need it badly by the time I got back.

I told Margie that I wanted to stay home and read a book.

I honestly did plan to read a book and relax, but not before I had a sweet cum session with my handy dandy toy cock!

I cupped my firm 38C tits and pulled and pinched my nipples until they were hard. I closed my eyes and immediately pictured Jordan, the hot new male aerobics instructor at my gym.

He was a cross between Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives and Jake Gyllenhaal.

I squealed in delight as I had never felt a tongue there before and it was awesome.

He flicked his tongue like lightening over my clit, sending me into incredible spasms over and over, bringing me ever so close to an earth shattering climax, but would then back off and then bringing me back over and over The drive was pretty uneventful and after a couple of days driving, we finally arrived at my in-laws.

Last summer I decided to take my two sons to visit their grandparents, my in-law, in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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