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What’s also so great about online dating is that you can search for people in your local area, yet find people who aren’t part of your social circle.

In a smaller town, you might want to look for gay men in nearby towns and villages if you already know all the single men in your town.

Plus, you don’t both have to be online at the same time to meet - it’s simple enough to send someone a private message if they aren’t online and available to chat right then and there. You don’t know the other person yet, so chances are they find it strange if you flirt too much, too soon.

Offline, the only way to meet is to be at the same place at the same time. In one of Cupid’s gay chat rooms, there are certain unwritten rules. Besides, you want to build up tension - that’s the whole point with flirting. That way you will always leave the other person wanting more.

But before you ride off into the sunset with your new…

Simply enter your nickname and connect to the chatroom instantly.

The chances of meeting men online are greater than at any bar, or party as well. Because there are more single men online than at any one place in town.

Possibly because you can bring a gay mobile chat room with you in your pocket anywhere you go. Secondly, whilst being flirtatious is encouraged, don’t come on too strongly.

In a larger city, you can find men from the other end of town whom you’d otherwise never meet.

A local chat room simply has a wider reach than a local bar, or pub.

Today, chat rooms are still very popular, especially in the gay community, but the way people chat has definitely improved (and, hopefully, so have the usernames).

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